Dương Quốc Hoàng – The Biography of a Vietnamese Billiards Player

Who is Dương Quốc Hoàng ?

Dương Quốc Hoàng, also known by the nickname Hoàng Sao Hỏa, is the number one pool player in Vietnam. He has won the national championship three years in a row and has represented Vietnam in the World Cup of Pool. Recently, he has frequently won domestic competitions, such as the APLUS Cup of Pool and KF Pool July, and was the runner-up in the Bảo Đạt tournament.

Born and raised in Quang Ninh province, Quốc Hoàng struggled to find his passion in life during his early twenties. He felt useless and lost, unsure of where to start. Eventually, he borrowed 2 million Vietnamese Dong from a family member and set off to Saigon to find his own path. He found work as a server at a billiards club, but was fired after only one month due to a language barrier and a misunderstanding.

Fortunately, a kind regular customer offered him temporary accommodation and even lent him a motorbike to find a new job. Quốc Hoàng then found a job at another billiards club where he met the owner, Lưu Minh Phúc, a famous billiards player in Ho Chi Minh City. Seeing Quốc Hoàng’s passion and talent for billiards, Phúc offered to train him and provide him with the necessary resources to improve.

Not betraying the “teacher’s” trust, Duong Quoc Hoang achieved his first achievement when participating in the tournament, winning the first round championship of the national tournament and the national championship of 10 balls and a national bronze medal. .

In 2016, he won the silver medal of the national championship.
2017 is a special year, he won the gold medal of the national championship and the silver medal at the 29th SEA Games.

He also excellently won the 10-ball National Championship in 2019, 2020 and 2021
Participate in the World Cup of Pool and win the Pool 9 Ball World Championship 2022
He also defeated many top players in the world such as Shane Van Boening (1st place in the world), Aloysius Yapp (2nd place US Open 2022), Johann Chua (13th in the world).

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